About Us

At Hoppin’ Rabbit we passionately care about the condition of the beers, so to ensure they stay fresh, your favorite beverage is transported from the brewery in refrigerated lorries to a chilled storage facility to preserve all the flavours.

We like to build a strong relationship between us, our clients and brewers so we strive to deliver the Freshest French Craft Beer from the moment it leaves the brewers premises up until the moment it arrives at the clients door step.

To keep informed with what’s brewing fresh and is going to be available stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and get your pre-order before the Freshest is gone.

*We Never Share Or Sell Your Info

We currently deliver fortnightly to London and Birmingham. 
Free delivery is available throughout the UK for 1/2 palette or more.

SARL Hoppin`Rabbit 
27 Rue Pasteur42300 Roanne
Registered in France – 845 396 00015
Company VAT Registration in France – FR 07 845 396 191

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