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Effet Papillon

Hailing from Bordeaux, in the Merignac area that I stupidly only saw in passing on my way to the airport. If only I’d known these guys were there at the time. Specialising in modern twists on classic staples.

Falconer’s Morning – Breakfast IPA

This is what I mean. Utilising old school hops and new school blends, then brewing it with the modern additions like lactose and oats. I love the name of this in regards to its ingredients, and the tastes all the same. Sweet and fruity, with a luscious mouthfeel from the oats, plus aromas of honeydew melon. I think I need a career change.


Something I love about these French beers is that they’re experimenting with hop profiles, it’s not just the usual C-hops. The dryness and bitterness of this beer drips in through the citrusy, mango flavours. So refreshing, I wish this was in my gob when I was sweltering in Bordeaux last summer.

Call Me Brett – Brett IPA

Absolutely not something I would usually go for, but the flavours from the white wine barrels kept me coming back for more. Subtle hints of grape and peach added a refined delicacy to the otherwise wildly fermented recipe with a light bitterness from the citra.

Snakebite – Fruit Beer

Utilising wild yeast yet again, however this time taking inspiration from the 80s cocktail. Or to the youth among us, we’re reminded of the concoction we could get at the student union bar. Don’t mistake this for something thrown together, as this instead has a complex acidity that is sharpened by apple juice and blackcurrent purée. Just like a petit filous.


Another Bordeaux brasserie, visiting the taproom gives the opportunity not just for great beer, but also for french cuisine, dined on a banquet sized table. A entwining of the traditional with the buzz of the modern.

Vanilla Milkshake IPA – IPA with Lactose

You hear about particular beers showcasing hops, but this beer could be considered a showcase for vanilla. Consider it a hybrid of a typical American IPA, one that’s then been drenched with a sweet complexity that lends itself almost to custard, but without the gloopiness.

Chez Boulon

A quaint little place that you’d easily mistake for ‘just’ another one of those southern French restaurants. However inside this hidden gem is indeed a specialist restaurant, focusing on seafood yet also brewing.

Arcachon Oyster Stout – Oyster Stout

Sourcing Oyster shells from the nearby seaside just outside of Bordeaux, this unique style washes down with herbal, spicy aromas. The tastes are bold, dark chocolate and liquorice with an ever so slight salty-dryness. Perhaps it was placebo, but was this really tasting like a seaweed Kit Kat?!

A thoroughly good spectrum of styles to choose from. My two stand-out picks from the selection even seem to epitomise what this haul was to me. Simply, classics vs contemporaries. The astonishingly good Snakebite kept my tongue tingling with sophisticated flavours, whilst Falconer’s Morning came in as a familiar favourite.

What’ll you choose?

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